Going Rogue

Rogue Beer

XS Dead Guy Ale and Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale

Now offered at Monroeville Beer & Lottery

Ale is one of those beverages that tend to evolve in flavor and function. Where certain ale may do well in a steakhouse, it may not be great for a turkey dinner at home. If you are drinking the same ale for every occasion, you are missing out. Rogue Ale offers a variety of ales which will suit anyone’s taste. What is great is that these ales are now available at Monroeville Beer & Lottery in Monroeville PA. Read more ›

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Southern Tier Beer at Monroeville Beer

EuroTrash Pilz

Monroeville Beer & Lottery in Monroeville, PA is now offering Southern Tier

Innovation is one of the core traits which make this country great. Creating a great product and working to make that product even greater defines us. Such could not be truer for a good beer. With the varieties of beer, ale, and lager which are now available, it is quite easy for the seasoned consumer to take note of those brews which have a commitment to great taste and those which have been pushed down the line in order to make a buck. When taste is put forth as the priority, a brew is great. Southern Tier is one such company. Read more ›

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Don’t start a party without an Abita beer

Abita Beer In Monroeville

Abita Beer offered at Monroeville Beer in Monroeville, PA

Everyone likes a good party. The company, the food, but especially a nice cold beer makes for a great time. Yet more and more people are looking for more of a variety that the traditional beers. There are numerous brands that one can choose from when hosting their own party, so why not choose a beer whose roots are grounded in the big easy and go for an Abita beer. Offering both light and darker brews one is sure to make a statement as a person that understands the power of a great tasting beer. Read more ›

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Light beer for the New Years Resolution

light beer in monroeville

Monroeville Beer & Lottery has light beer on sale this month

Here at Monroeville Beer & Lottery we hope everyone had a happy holiday season and a great New Year. So now it is time to take a break from all of that hustling and bustling about and open a nice cold light beer. Sure, there are New Years Resolutions, but drinking light beer could be yours?? Read more ›

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Spice up your holidays with a Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Sam Adams Winter Lager

Samuel Adams winter lager adds a unique drinking flavor for lager lovers

The holidays are here. After all the stresses that tend to build up (shopping, overtime at work to meet demands, lines everywhere, etc.), one needs to have a way to sit back and relax. What better way to feel festive then to have a little bit of cinnamon and spice in your drink, and if one is to embrace the season the brew needs to be something cold. A beer just is too plain for such a season; something more perfected is in order. For those of us that love a good lager, Samuel Adams has a winter lager for just this time of year. If you live in the Monroeville, PA area then go by the Monroeville Beer and Lottery store and get a case of this wonderful brew. It is on sale for the holiday season. Read more ›

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Craft Beers in Monroeville

craft beer in monroeville

Craft Beer and Goose Island

“What is Craft Beer?”  You may ask. Craft beer is made by craft brewers and is one of the developments made in the beer brewing industry in the 1970s. Craft brewers are defined by the Brewers Association as “small independently owned, and traditional commercial breweries.”

You may now ask “Well what is the best craft beer and who sells it?” Goose Island is one of our favorite brewers and we sell their craft beer in Monroeville, Pennsylvania at Monroeville Beer & Lottery. They have different categories of beer: Urban, the Classic, Vintage, Bourbon County, and Fulton and Wood. Read more ›

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Welcome to MonroevilleBeer.com

We just launched our new site to provide updates on new products offered at location at 4207 William Penn Highway in Monroeville.  We have plenty of beer in stock and new craft beers delivered to our location weekly.  Please let us know if you are looking for a particular type or brand of beer since we probably have it in stock or we can order it.

Also, make sure to Text: BEER to 74474 to get weekly promotions and specials.

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