The fuse box of Southern tier


Have you ever had one of those moments when you sat down to have an ice cold beer and decided that you wanted a different flavor. Perhaps you’re having a party, and your girlfriend/boyfriend has a different taste than you. While you wait for a darker brew, the other might prefer a lighter mix. Generally speaking, the only solution is to buy two cases of beer. This of course adds to the cost and expense it takes away from the enjoyable experience of drinking your beverage. However, Southern tier brewery has invented a great solution to this problem. This solution is the fuse box. This variety pack of course is available at Monroeville Beer and lottery in Monroeville, PA. Read more ›

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Lagunitas: The beers with personalities


It is a well-known fact that people are more relaxed and open to conversation when they are offered food and beverages. Beer has long been one of the preferred drinks for social settings. There is nothing like a nice cold beer on a hot day, during a football game, or just a few to pass around at a friends and family get together to set the atmosphere. Lagunitas beer has been designed to encompass any social bracket so that the conversation can flow, and the taste buds can be rewarded. Lagunitas beer is not being sold at Monroeville Beer in Monroeville, PA Read more ›

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Going the extra Yard


Yards Brewing Company Ales now offered at Monroeville Beer & Lottery

There are times when a beer or ale connoisseur wants a little bit more than the standard flavors. The mass manufactured taste of some commercial products tends to give off that chemical flavor as time and effort was not taken in getting the perfect combination down. Based out of Philadelphia, the Yards Brewing Company has made it a point to offer a different type of Ale with such selections as Ales of the Revolution and their 750 Series. Not catering to one particular demographic or flavor, the company has a range of flavor from spices to fruits and sweetness. When your taste buds demand something with a bit more flavor, consider the Yard’s Brewing Company Ales offered now at Monroeville Beer & Lottery in Monroeville, PA. Read more ›

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The hop farm brewery, Ommegang beer

ommegang beers

Beer variation is something that every person desires. This is especially true when you are having an event with your family and friends. Anyone will tell you that the taste preferences between individuals are as diverse as their personalities. Next time you are looking to host a party, consider a new selection of beer by offering them Ommegang beer. Ommegang beer is offered at Monroeville Beer & Lottery in Monroeville, PA. What makes this beer so special you may ask?  There are a few things. Read more ›

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Church Brew Works Beers


Not sacraments but definitely higher standards than most

Monroeville Beer & Lottery in Monroeville, PA has acquired quite a unique bottled brew. The Church Brew works beer is now offered by the case. Do not let the name throw you off. These are beers that have been produced with taste and quality in mind. So, how did these brews get such a name? The answer of course can be found in a church. Read more ›

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Going beyond the mediocre beer


Flying Dog beers at Monroeville Beer cater to the adventure in us all

Have you noticed that the traditional beers are becoming more and more associated with the older generation of people? From the media to the movies the message has become clear. These beers are for those that want to kick back and just relax. What about those of us that want to kick open the door and have an adventure? Flying Dog beer is catered to those of us which are a little bit more active than the typical beer consumer. Read more ›

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Going Rogue

Rogue Beer

XS Dead Guy Ale and Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale

Now offered at Monroeville Beer & Lottery

Ale is one of those beverages that tend to evolve in flavor and function. Where certain ale may do well in a steakhouse, it may not be great for a turkey dinner at home. If you are drinking the same ale for every occasion, you are missing out. Rogue Ale offers a variety of ales which will suit anyone’s taste. What is great is that these ales are now available at Monroeville Beer & Lottery in Monroeville PA. Read more ›

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